Supporting Women Over 40 as they reinvent themselves after a business or personal life storm.

One on One Coaching:  1 Hour Sessions | $80

~ Sold in 4 - One Hour Session Packages ~

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Coaching is a powerful process for assisting you to maximize your potential and achieve what matters most to you, especially after a life storm such as after a divorce, after a death, after a betrayal, after a job firing, etc... has derailed you.  I help Women Over 40 reinvent themselves to get back what they've lost in the storm so as to move them forward in their life's purpose.


As a Certified Life Coach, when supporting my clients, I like to focus on exploring YOUR agenda, identifying YOUR goals and challenging YOU to create strategies that will take you forward.  I trust your inner wisdom and I make it possible for you to make changes at your own pace. What I do, is simply hold you accountable to YOURSELF about the progress you are making, and I encourage you to build confidence and stay authentic to your own life purpose.



After you've booked your 30 minute one-on-one FREE in-take session we will determine together whether coaching is the right fit for you.  On this initial discussion, the format of the coaching relationship as well as the framework for tracking your progress will be discussed and I will help you clarify your expectations and objectives. 


Once we've determined that coaching would be beneficial to you, I will send you via email an invoice and a payment link for my services.  Once payment has been received (either in full or partially via the 2 monthly payment plan), I will send you an invitation to book your first session with me via my online calendar.  After your FREE in take session has occurred, and should we concur that you want to partake in future coaching activities, we will book and meet virtually or in person - if you live in the Dallas, TX area - at 4 mutually convenient times within a 3 month period.  I recommend that we space out our meetings to meet once every 3 weeks to give you time to act upon what you will have learned. This will also provide you with time and thinking space for you to make discoveries and gain insights to advance your goals to the next level.


I am certified under TRANSFORMATION SERVICES, INC. which is accredited internationally by Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134). 
I am devoted to the ethics and the principles of the coaching profession.

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One on One Coaching:  1 Hour Sessions | $80

~ Sold in 4 - One Hour Session Packages ~

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