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This is the place where you exponentially grow your income, get solutions to your personal and professional problems, and wake up to your own potential…


When you launched your business did you feel like you started out of desperation rather than inspiration?  Prior to starting had you been struggling to get a job or had you always known that you wanted to start your own business?  By any chance were you over 40 when this situation started? 

I know that for me, my struggle began in earnest in 2009 after the age of 45.  I would have had better luck being struck my lightning twice in the same spot before I could get a job back then?  Granted I had the credentials and over 20 years of experience, but try as I might, I couldn't get a permanent job.  I was officially unemployable!

In 2010, the ultimate humiliation came when I was told “off the record” by a well meaning head hunter, that my problem was that those hiring  want to hire people younger than me, because I reminded them of … wait for it… their “Mom” as I was now 46!  

Can you just image being told that!?!

It took me a long while, but I finally woke up and realized a truth.  The only way to guarantee income into my household, was to be in business for myself!

So after much prayer, reflection, research and re-education (I call it PrR&R), I bootstrapped my own business, BusyGal in 2016 in order to provide a platform for all Women over 40 who want to be educated and empowered towards entrepreneurship!

When the Recession finally lifted between 2014 and 2016, it never lifted for millions of women over 40 - myself included.  The pundits would have you believe that unemployment has decreased due to the job market opening up, however this is just not true. You can get employment as long as you are willing to hold down a job with no power, low pay, and absolutely no social prestige! The real reason that unemployment is down is that millions of Americans have left the workforce to strike out on their own as small business owners - specifically middle aged people - and leading the charge are Women Over 40!

My mission today is to change this global conversation and within the next 10 years (by 2030), educate, empower, and entertain 100,000 Women Over 40 as small business owners, provide platforms for meaningful peer connections and socialization, build a ROKU Television Channel (BGTV) featuring original programming designed to inspire and encourage women to make the leap to entrepreneurship and provide them with a platform of affordable business services. These services include entrepreneurial education, access to capital, licensing and business opportunities, as well as coaching, mentorship and community building — ultimately helping women over 40 to become better entrepreneurs!

Felicia M. Lopes

Coach & CEO

BusyGal, LLC

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Our Story


We host 2 different types of MasterMinds for Entrepreneurial Women Over 40

The Quantum Leap Mastermind

The Maven Entrepreneur Mastermind

  • You haven't opened your business yet, but you're right on the cusp of creating something spectacular!

  • You're interested in learning the basics about business ownership so that you can know what to expect as you launch that new business and grow it considerably within the next 18 to 24 months.

  • You need camaraderie and insight from other new business owners who are also in the thick of building their businesses.

  • You realize that a 12 week commitment and an investment of $1500 now is a small price to pay for the entrepreneurial and life success you stand to gain later.

  • You're a Founder of a New Business

  • You've been in business at least 6 months or your company is doing at least a mid 5-figures ($50,000), and you want to take things to the next level.

  • You clearly recognize the ROI (Return on Investment) that this $3600 investment provides to you.

  • You are not intimidated by a 9 month commitment to begin solving your life and business challenges, finding lucrative opportunities for growth, networking and developing deep relationships with other women entrepreneurs, and becoming a better yourself.

Types of MM
Perfect Fit


  • You’re a naturally generous person and you’re excited to give to other Members in the group.  

  • You have a humble and grateful spirit and you allow other members to wisely speak into your business and personal life.  

  • You’re ready to implement what you learn and rapidly grow your business and enhance your personal life.

You May Not Make It In The BusyGal Mastermind Alliance (or stay for very long) if:

  • You haven’t yet reached the benchmarks outlined within each Mastermind Group listed above

  • You’ve got an uncontrollable ego, or are incapable of listening

  • $1500 or $3600 is too much for you to invest in yourself right now

  • You have no interest in meeting and collaborating with others in a Virtual Environment

  • You’re afraid to NOT be the smartest person in the room

The application process is a very important step to placing you on a dream team of success and action-oriented entrepreneurs that will provide you with resources you never imagined, accountability for your life and business goals, and access to ideas that can only result from the combined intelligence of a group of people committed to helping you succeed.  To give everyone a chance to participate at each meeting, groups are capped at 12 members.

The success of our mastermind groups depends on your level of commitment and your integrity. Please complete the application as thoroughly and honestly as possible. The information you provide in this application is completely confidential and will be used for acceptance and placement purposes only. 

You will be contacted shortly to schedule a telephone interview before you are accepted into the BusyGal Mastermind Alliance. Occasionally, an additional interview is needed to determine whether this is the best fit for you. If accepted, you will receive a digital agreement and payment details.

Trailblazer Entrepreneur Groups are formed for a 12 Week/3 Month commitment.

Maven Entrepreneur Groups are formed for a 36 Week/9 Month commitment.


Application Process

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