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Supporting Women Over 40 After a Career Setback or Life Storm as They Transition Into Entrepreneurship

One on One Coaching:  12 Weekly 1 Hour Sessions | $1200

*Group Coaching:  12 Weekly 60 Minute Sessions | $900 pp

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These 12 Weekly sessions are designed to empower you on how to re-brand and re-build yourself as an entrepreneur or small business owner as you're going through one of life's harshest trials — being unemployed nine months or longer and still having to be responsible for your personal and financial health, your spouse, your family, your community, your dignity & your self respect.


The New Normal these days, is that Women Over 40 are starting businesses of their own - in record numbers - more out of Desperation Rather than Inspiration!

They say “life begins at 40".

Unfortunately, for most women of first world nations, this is also the time when age discrimination in the workplace starts to occur.  Additionally, according to the Economic Policy Institute's (EPI) findings in a February 2019 article, the black woman’s experience in America provides arguably the most overwhelming evidence of the persistent and ongoing drag from gender and race discrimination on the economic fate of workers and families.

Women over 40, especially Black women over 40 are simply walking away from the job search now because we just can't find one, unless we are willing to hold down a job with no power, low pay, and absolutely no social prestige!  Ultimately, we are being denied a future and being condemned to a life of poverty!  

I Help You Find Your Second Chance in Your Second Chapter of Life Through Entrepreneurship!

After you've booked your 30 minute one-on-one FREE in-take session we will determine together whether coaching is the right fit for you.  On this initial discussion, the format of the coaching relationship (one on one or group sessions) as well as the framework for tracking your progress will be determined and I will help you clarify your expectations and objectives. 


After your FREE in-take session has occurred, should we concur that you want to take part in future coaching sessions, I will send you via email an invoice and a payment link for my services.


1:1 Coaching:

Once payment has been received (either in full or partially via the 3 monthly payment plan), I will send you an invitation to book your first session with me via my online calendar. 


Group Coaching:

We will schedule you to begin when the next group sessions are scheduled.

These group sessions will meet weekly at the same day of the week and time we choose for the 1st meeting for 12 consecutive weeks.

I am certified under TRANSFORMATION SERVICES, INC. which is accredited internationally by Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134). 
I am devoted to the ethics and the principles of the coaching profession.

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the 12 Week breakTHROUGH to reinvent yourself and finally start your dream business

One on One Coaching:  12 Weekly 1 Hour Sessions | $1200

*Group Coaching:  12 Weekly 60 Minute Sessions | $900 pp

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Email:  WeCare@BusyGalInspiration.com or FeliciaMLopes@BusyGalCorp.com

Telephone:  469.941.6010 & 972.863.1128

*All Group & One on One Coaching Sessions are done virtually
(Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts)